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Por Mariel Fiori
December 2023
The end of the year is a good time to reflect on the year that has passed, the work accomplished, and gather momentum to start the new year on a positive note. That's what this editorial is all about.

La Voz, in 2023, from February to December, featured all kinds of topics, interviews, and articles that we hope inspired your curiosity to keep learning more and, in the process, proved useful in your daily lives. In February, I wrote about the Bridge to Unemployment Program for excluded workers in New York, a struggle that still continues; in June, I covered local groups working collaboratively and often voluntarily to welcome asylum seekers and other immigrants to our region; in September, I discussed the strength and also the needs of Hispanics in the Hudson Valley and New York; and in October, I emphasized the importance of voting in the November elections. Other current topics we covered this year included the opioid epidemic in the Hudson Valley and the response from Catholic Charities of Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan in February; intersectionality in March; the campaign to end subsidies for horse racing in April; a case of racism at Carmel High School in May; consumer protection tips in for-profit colleges in July; and the immigrant justice forum in September.

In the Sueño Americano (American Dream) section, we introduced you to Giselle Martínez (councilwoman of District 1 in Newburgh); the TLS program at Bard and English classes in Red Hook; Mercedes Soler (radio and television host); Pastor Erick Mercado (from Iglesia Vida Real in Kingston); the Guelaguetza de Poughkeepsie; and Professor Jomaira Salas Pujol (sociologist at Bard).

In the Usos y Costumbres (Customs and Habits) section, Anita and Toby Campion took on the task of teaching us the seven myths of the Spanish conquest, according to Professor Matthew Restall's book of the same name, from exaggerations and fictions in the stories of Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, and Christopher Columbus to the invisible warriors of the conquerors and their armies. In that section, we also presented an interview with Audry Funk, a feminist and anti-capitalist rapper; an analysis and translation of the poetry of Federico García Lorca; and an interview with young Latinas in Vienna, among other topics that invite us to rethink our realities.

We covered many other topics in our sections such as La esquina de las artes (The Arts Corner), Recuerdos de… (Memories from...), Medio ambiente (Environment), Vida saludable (Healthy Living) , El poder del amor (The Power of Love), Ser padres (Parenting), Correo (Mailbox), Opinión (Op-ed), Cuento (Short stories), Buen Gusto (Good taste), and the monthly Guía de recursos (Resource Guide). You can visit our archive to read any article or issue of the magazine you may have missed at:

What else would you like to find out in La Voz in 2024? Write to us at [email protected] with your comments, suggestions, and opinions, and make your voice heard!

We not only publish articles to read but also create space to connect in person. In 2023, we invited you to many different events that we organized for our readers. In April, we celebrated childhood in Kingston in collaboration with local organizations; in May, we invited you to Tan Dun's concert with the Bard Conservatory Orchestra at the Fisher Center; in June, we celebrated the 19 years La Voz magazine by dancing with the group Rebolú in the Spiegeltent; in July, we watched the Mariachi Flor de Toloache live for free; in August, along with the organizing committee, we presented the XVI Guelaguetza de Poughkeepsie; in September, we all went to see Disney Pixar's Coco with the National Folk Orchestra of Mexico, in collaboration with Radio Kingston and UPAC; in October, we also presented a panel with Latinos in local politics; and in December, we invited you again to the Fisher Center for a concert with the Bard Conservatory Orchestra. What event would you like to attend with La Voz in 2024? Do you have ideas for cultural events in which we can collaborate mutually?

In 2024, La Voz, Hispanic Culture and News of the Hudson Valley celebrates twenty years of uninterrupted publication. And of course, we're going to celebrate! This achievement wouldn't be possible without the support of Bard College, the Novo Foundation, our collaborating sponsors, and readers. If you're thinking of a year-end gift, I suggest making a tax-deductible donation to La Voz, No contribution is too small. Every little bit helps.

I invite you to take an inventory of your year in 2023, and may you have much peace and joy in these days of celebration.
Congratulations, and we'll see you again in February 2024!

Mariel Fiori
Managing Editor

* Translated from Spanish by Karen Ruiz León
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