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Twenty Years of La Voz

Por Mariel Fiori
April 2024
As the only print Spanish-language magazine in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, La Voz is an essential source of information for the over 170,000 Spanish speakers living in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. We Latinos are here to stay and we need tools to help us navigate the educational, healthcare, business, and the political system of this country, of this state. With its headquarters in Bard College, La Voz is a non-profit, independent publication that has been reporting on the Hispanic communities of the Hudson Valley since 2004.

Where can you find La Voz? The free print edition can be found in Latin stores, laundromats, churches, community centers, and other public spaces in Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Columbia, and Sullivan counties. You can also get a copy of La Voz at one of the 47 libraries of the Ramapo Catskill Library System, one of the 66 libraries of the Mid-Hudson Library system, or one of the 36 libraries of the Upper Hudson Library System in Rockland, Greene, Putnam, Albany, and Rensselaer respectively. Another way to read La Voz is on our website (, where you can find our archives and the most recent issue.

You can stay informed by reading our monthly newsletter ( which is up to date with the content of each month’s issue, useful and inspiring information distributed to more than 11,000 local emails. Other channels of staying informed include our social media pages (@lavozhudsonvalley) and the radio program “La Voz en breve” which is broadcasted thanks to various local community radio stations: Radio Catskill, Robin Hook Radio, WVKR, and thanks especially to Radio Kingston for giving a home to “La Voz con Mariel Fiori”, every morning at 10 am since 2018.

With empathy and love, La Voz serves one of the most misrepresented and least understood populations of our region: the Spanish-speaking community. In La Voz, Spanish speakers can find a source of inspiration and hope. Directed by yours truly, with almost three decades of being a journalist between three different countries and a master's degree in business, with the help of a dozen students, two employees, and members of the La Voz community who have collaborated with us, this free magazine has become a highly respected, award-winning local publication. We are responsible for keeping our readers well-informed and providing media for the common good. 

We not only publish articles, we also create spaces to connect in person. In April, we invite you to a jazz concert, in May to a play in Spanish (details coming soon), and in June to celebrate our birthday. In 2024 La Voz celebrates 20 years of uninterrupted publication and we are going to commemorate it on Saturday, June 22 in the fantastic Spiegeltent of the Fisher Center at Bard College. At the birthday party, which will also serve to fundraise for the magazine, we will have live music from Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra, the dance floor of the Spiegeltent, guests-of-honor that serve the Hispanic communities of the Hudson Valley, a silent auction, and a dance class with Maia Martinez and David Salvatierra of Dojo Dance Company. Would you like to attend? Send an email to [email protected] for more information. 

Do you know people who contribute to their community and deserve recognition? We want to honor Hispanics who support other Hispanics in the Hudson Valley. Nominate the people you know who contribute to the prosperity of our Spanish-speaking community! Please let us know why you nominate them by April 30th through this form

What at first seems implossible, only takes time. Thank you for your support. 

Mariel Fiori

* Translated from Spanish by Miriam Schwartz and Karen Ruiz León

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La Voz, Cultura y noticias hispanas del Valle de Hudson



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