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Nine years

Por Mariel Fiori
December 2013
At the end of the past month’s editorial, I reminded our readers that La Voz has already served for nine years. It sounds easy, but is actually a great achievement for an independent monthly publication, based at a nonprofit organization, that nonetheless needs funds to exist. As we know, no one lives of nothing. This is why La Voz and the Spanish-speaking readers of the Hudson Valley have been fortunate that a university like Bard College decided to support this thoughtful and independent press project.

Although Bard is the main benefactor, it is not the only one of this cause; sponsors, foundations, private donations, contributors and volunteers that each month give life to this publication also deserve recognition. We are very grateful to all of them.

More than nine years ago, in January 2004, Emily Schmall, who was at the time a student at Bard College (now a degree bearing journalist who has traveled extensively and reported for The New York Times from Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Lima), and I, also a journalist with seven years of previous experience, took the first issue of La Voz to the streets. That magazine had another size and another texture (it was letter size with eight pages of glossy paper, unlike the twenty square matte pages of today) but with the same spirit: to be the bridge between the communities that share this beautiful geography, to be the forum where different voices can be heard, and strengthen our readers with practical and serious information. At the end of the day, this is the place where we chose to live.

Knowledge is power. For example, in this month’s issue you will find how to calculate the payment for overtime work, what rights undocumented workers have, and how much the minimum wage in 2014 will be, among other issues that the legal column deals with in the central page of the magazine. The free vocational classes taught in Ulster County, a topic that Antonio Flores-Lobos writes about on pages 4 and 5, are very good resource for those studying English as a Second Language or preparing for the GED. On pages 16 and 17 you will find a resources guide that this month brings you the dates, times and places of religious celebrations, presidential presentations, immigration clinics, free concerts, and more.

This idea of bridging different communities is well-described by Estela González Torres in her analysis of the work by the famous journalist and essayist Richard Rodriguez, who was born in Sacramento, California, of Mexican parents, and who polemically opposes bilingual education. While the Puerto Rican journalist Juan Gonzalez elaborates about the history of Latinos in the United States in his book Harvest of Empire, giving us a broader context to better understand each other. A concrete example of this is presented by Laura García, a Mexican immigrant resident of Newburgh who tells her story of the difficult path she had to go through to achieve her American dream.

If you like what you read in these pages, share it! The magazine can be found online. And also in our Facebook page, we publish all sorts of updates about events, activities, tips and even job offers. “Like” La Voz on Facebook, share it and make comments. If besides enjoying this magazine, you would like to be part of it, write to [email protected] and make your voice heard.

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of the magazine La Voz, Hispanic culture and news of the Hudson Valley. We are pleased to have made it to our first decade, thanks to all of you, and we plan to celebrate. In 2014 we will announce details of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of La Voz.

In the meantime, I hope you remember to include La Voz on your holiday gift list. In the center of the magazine you will find an envelope for this purpose, or you can donate here. What better gift to make than a tax deductible donation for a magazine that supports our community!

Happy Holidays!

Mariel Fiori
Managing Editor 

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