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Thank you

November 2019
Thank you to the playwright, Toby Campion, the director, Germán Jaramillo, to the actors: Jorge Camacho, Jamie Venegas, Daniel Fetecua (also the choreographer), Erika Glasser, Luis Castro, and Sebastián Beltrán, and the musician and sound designer, Pablo Mayor. Thank you to Juanita Lara for organizing the staging, to the costume designers, Mariela Llorente and Ana Mercedes Abad Prada, to the scenographers, Hersilia Restrepo and Carlos Reynoso, and to the sound operator, Keith Vanegas. Thank you to everybody involved from ID Studio Theatre, who came up from the 18th to 20th of October from the Bronx for three performances of Cumbia de mi Corazón, to benefit La Voz.

Thank you, of course, to the sponsors of the three performances of Cumbia de mi Corazón (in Kingston, Bard College, and Poughkeepsie), including Alzheimer’s Association, the student-run La Voz club (specifically its leaders, Anamaría Álvarez y Freddie Hernández), Hudson Valley Farm Hub, Radio Kingston, Bread Alone, Ulster Savings Bank, and Latinos in Business Succeeding Together. Thank you to The Beverly in Kingston, the Chapel of the Holy Innocents at Bard College, and The Trolley Barn (Fall Kill Creative Work) in Poughkeepsie, for lending us their locations to present this cultural event. I am incredibly thankful to everybody who attended the performances and supported La Voz in our beloved Hudson Valley. The best part of this experience was meeting people who had never partaken in watching a live play and are now excitedly waiting for ID Studio Theatre to return with another piece. (Gladly, we will be making that happen in May; we are organizing a collaboration between ID Studio Theatre to present four tales by Juan Rulfo!)

Thank you to all of the collaborators of the La Voz magazine who help foster such unique and creative content every month, and who consistently empower through information in Spanish for us, immigrants trying to have a better life here. Thank you Tamara Gruszko, who through the section “¿Vamos a pasear? (Let’s go for a ride)” has invited us to learn about the house of Morse, the creator of the SOS signal, found in Poughkeepsie. Thank you to Anamaría Alvarez, once again, for explaining the use of the word Latinx. Thank you to the violinist, human right’s student, and collaborator of La Voz, Laura Pérez Rangel, who in one brief interview was able to reveal the artistic aspirations of the young orchestra conductor, Leonardo Pineda.

Thank you, for the second time, to Freddie Hernandez, and especially to Emilio Rojas, whose art illustrates the cover of this month's issue of La Voz. Thank you to Fernando Salas for his tale series of Mexican Deciloquios, which we publish in La Voz every time we can. Thank you to the holistic psychologist Dora Inés Grosso García, for her section “El poder del amor” (The power of love) and for talking about uprooting. Thank you to the professor Estela González Torres, author of the “Suplemento Educativo” (Educational supplement), and to Hugo Jule and Danielle Salisbury, alternate authors of the section “Medio ambiente” (Environment). It would be inappropriate to end without profoundly thanking Pilar Roca, the graphic designer of La Voz, whose artistic eye and professionalism has organized all the content of our magazine in a beautiful way for the past ten years. Thank you Pilar!

And I want to also thank the sponsors of La Voz for the mutual collaboration which allows their messages to continue to appear in the magazine and allows us to keep producing it. If you are interested in advertising in La Voz, you can download our Media Kit here. Thanks also to all who have made a tax-deductible donation to La Voz, which helps us enormously, through a check to La Voz / Bard College, 30 Campus Rd, Annnadale-on-Hudson, NY 12502 or online.

Thanks to all of the students at Bard College (our home) that each week contribute their time to support our work, and thank you to Nohan Meza, our brand-new Bilingual Media Fellow of La Voz. And, perhaps it is obvious, but thank you to all of you: the readers of this magazine. The work and contribution of all of those mentioned here would be pointless without you all. Thank you for following us and thank you for your comments, questions and contributions at [email protected].

Today I feel very grateful,

Mariel Fiori
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