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The Special Election

August 2022
The primary elections are unique this year due to the redistricting results in New York State. A census is taken every ten years, after which new district lines are drawn at the federal, state and local levels because the populations change.

The new electoral districts are effective January 3, 2023. So, in order to have representation in those districts starting that date, elections held in November are based on the electoral districts. If there is more than one candidate on a party's ticket, primary elections are held. A primary election has already been held in June for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and New York State Assembly.

But because the redistricting was completed too late, the New York State House and Senate primaries had to be rescheduled from June 23 to August 23.

I’ll tell you, then, about three new congressional districts CD 17, CD 18 and CD 19, thanks to DCPAA. The new 18th district includes the entire city of Kingston, southern Ulster County; all of Orange County and nearly all of Dutchess County. Additionally, some territory from the old CD 18 will now be included in the new CD 17.

The congressional primary election is open to registered voters with a party affiliation, when that party has more than one candidate for Congress. This will determine a party's candidate on the General Election ballot on November 8, 2022.

So who is running for Congress in the new CD 17, CD 18 and CD 19?

CD 17: There are two candidates running for the Democratic seat in the new CD 17. These are Sean Patrick Maloney and Allesandra Biaggi. Therefore, there will be a primary election for registered Democrats in the new CD 17. SPM will be moving from the old CD 18 to the new CD 17. Southeast Dutchess County and Putnam and Rockland counties will be in the new CD 17.

There are five candidates vying for the Republican seat in the new CD 17: Shoshana David, Charles Falciglia, William Faulkner, Michael Lawler and Jack Schrepel. Therefore, there will be a primary election for registered Republicans in the new CD 17.

CD18: There are three candidates running for the Democratic seat in the new CD18. These are Aisha Mills, Moses Mugulusi and Pat Ryan. There will be a primary election for registered Democrats in the new CD 18. Pat Ryan would have run in CD 19 if the district lines had not changed; but, he will reside in the new CD 18 and chose to compete in the district in which he lives.

Only one candidate is vying for the spot on the Republican ticket for CD 18, Colin Schmitt. There are no congressional primaries for registered Republicans in the new CD 18.

CD 19: There are two candidates running for the Democratic seat for the new CD19, Jamie Cheney vs. Josh Riley. The winner of this Democratic primary will run in November against Dutchess Republican executive Marcus Molinaro, who has no rival in his party and holds the line without the need for a primary. The new 19th congressional district consists of northern Ulster County; Columbia counties; Greene; Delaware; Sullivan; part of Otsego; Chenango; broome; Cortland; Tioga and Tompkins.

Special Election in Old CD 19: To complicate things a bit more there will be a special election for ALL registered voters currently living in Old CD 19 on August 23rd. When Antonio Delgado accepted the Lieutenant Governorship, his congressional seat was vacated by CD 19. Since new districts do not become viable until January 3, 2023, an election is required to fill the congressional seat from September to January 3, 2023, when the new term of the members of Congress begins.

The candidates running to fill the vacant congressional seat for 4 months from September 2022 to January 3, 2023 are Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan (D) and Ulster County Executive Marc Molinaro ( A). Both of them really want to win because it will make them the incumbents in the elections that will take place in November. It's a bit confusing, because Pat Ryan has chosen to compete in the new CD 18, which is where he resides, and Marc Molinaro has chosen to compete in the new CD 19 even though he resides in what will be the new CD 18.

Early voting will take place from Saturday, August 13 through Sunday, August 21, with Election Day being Tuesday, August 23. You can find your polling place and more information here.


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