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El Poder del Amor

The relationship with the father

Por Dora Inés Grosso García
June 2022
The relationship with the father creates a very powerful bond. The father provides security, love, tenderness, psychological support, companionship, and dedication. The father's love balances the person, contributing to all their potentialities, and helping their daughters and sons in sexual identification, independence, and autonomy. The father provides a secure attachment and establishes clear and safe limits.
What happens to men when they become fathers?
A man's brain changes when he fathers a child. At the moment of conception, it develops a special capacity that favors being a father; this is what is popularly known as “paternal instinct”.
It is a psychological and hormonal process that makes them feel the desire to give protection, love, and tenderness to their babies. They also experience physical changes and skills that favor parenting, make them more intuitive, emotional, and assertive, they develop parental love.
This ability will depend on the bond the couple has and the level of commitment of the man in the role of being a father. If they stay alone with their babies, they can develop the role well and give them the love and care they need.
Neuroscience tells us: that being a parent optimizes cognitive functions, such as creativity, attention, concentration, memory, and learning, among others. This is due to the changes that men assume in their new roles and the challenge of being attentive to the needs of their daughters and sons. Sensitivity is also increased, they feel more emotional, which favors the expression of feelings.
Being a dad is wonderful and enriching. It is an enjoyable mission in addition to providing love, security, and protection to your family, it allows you to develop all your human talents and transcend in life, emotionally and spiritually.
Let us remember that to develop the role of a nurturing father, self-acceptance is important, the cultivation of self-esteem, and living in the present willing to accept the changes that life brings us with love.
Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and relatives who bring so much love. I wish you a wonderful Father’s Day.

*Dora Inés Grosso García es Psicóloga holística, [email protected]

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