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El Poder del Amor

The Essence of Women

Por Dora Inés Grosso García
March 2020
This month we are honoring women and embarking on a journey through intuition and perception
to understand what it means to be a Woman. 
Receive this message, which emphasizes your nature as a Woman, you are the source of
communication. The feminine energy is pure, cheerful, dynamic, simple and clear. 
Woman, you bring pure love and spiritual essence, you are the spirit of mother earth, whose
purpose is to give life. They are mothers who teach, educate, nurture the earth and other women,
who have the joint purpose: to awaken humanity to achieve balance, to heal and rescue it from love
and tenderness.
This energy is called feminine sacred energy.
Woman, it is necessary to awaken your strength, release fears, rescue the magic you possess, the
woman who has managed to break through all barriers, opening paths to the growth and
transcendence of humanity.
Women, we are the motivating force of change, of freedom, we are the integrators of the family,
society and culture, we are the creators of love.
The woman is recognized to be special and unique. All primitive peoples give special importance to
the feminine nature of humanity, it is considered sacred, goddess who has the gift of bearing life and
her womb is represented as origin and end. The womb is the sacred temple that keeps and
preserves the hope of life.

Woman’s Hands
From the prehistory of humanity, the woman's hands collected seeds and gathered food, they
planted and cared for it, made the fire and maintained it, gave special importance to touch and
feeling, taking care of their partner, their children and to the other members of the tribe, they were
the healers and the ones in charge of nourishing through food and affection.
The magical hands of women gathered herbs, flowers and roots for medicine and pleasure. With
their hands they made pottery that became part of their daily lives, they wove blankets that
provided them with heat. When it was necessary they defended their children and their tribe,
wielded weapons as warriors of the earth and love.
Today the hands of women continue to heal and bring harmony, as well as create history,
technology and the development of all arts and crafts. Along with men we are a society in search of
We are all masculine and feminine energy: did you know that psychic equilibrium is achieved when
your masculine and feminine energies are in harmony?
We conclude this reflection on women with the knowledge that the strength of the feminine is
complemented by the masculine. The brain needs both feminine and masculine energies to be

balanced, this is what produces identity, what allows the integrity and strength of intuition to feel
and know what is right for your own good and your family’s.
Humanity is a big family that complements each other.
More than 99% of the genetic code between men and women is the same, among 30,000 genes in
the human genome the variation between genders is 1%. The difference occurs when hormones
begin to activate the processes of their feminine or masculine nature. However, the vital energy is
the same, it revolves around the preservation of the species, the care and the capacity to love. We
must remember that we are all one and the force of love is what governs life and allows for the
possibility of happiness.
Thank you all for Rescuing the Energy of women through love, tenderness, and compassion to make
this world better.

* Dora Inés Grosso García is a holistic psychologist and pedagogue: [email protected]

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