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Future Plans: Retirement / Planes de futuro: la jubilación

Por Estela González Torres
August 2016
There are many ways to express the future in English. Here we are exploring two that you may find useful while talking about future plans, like your retirement.
1. Will
Question Positive answer (+) Negative answer (-)
Will you ever retire?             Yes, I will / I’ll. No, I will not / I won’t.
SUBJECT + WILL + (NOT) + BASE VERB = I will retire someday (+) /
                                                                        I will not retire someday (-).
Remember that questions follow a different order. Also, it is very common to use abbreviations (’ll and won’t), especially when speaking:
I’ll go for a walk every day. I won’t work at all.
You can use will...
  • To make predictions:
I will be retired in 2050.
  • To mean want to or be willing to:
I hope you will rest when you retire.
  • To make or talk about offers and promises:
I will visit you a lot when you are retired.
2. Going to / Gonna
Question Positive answer (+) Negative answer (-)
Are you going to retire soon? / Are you gonna retire soon?             Yes, I am / I’m. No, I am not / I’m not.
Is she going to retire soon? / Is she gonna retire soon? Yes, she is / she’s. No, she is not / she isn’t.
Are they going to retire soon? / Are they gonna retire soon? Yes, they are / they’re. No, they are not / they aren’t.
HE/SHE/IT IS             +     (NOT)     +     GOING TO / GONNA     +     BASE VERB
Going to is informally replaced by gonna: I’m gonna retire soon.
They are both used...
  • To talk about plans and intentions:
I’m going to live in the countryside when I retire.
  • When we can see that something is likely to happen:
            If you don’t work more, you aren’t going to retire anytime soon. 

Now it’s your turn... Picture your retirement and write sentences in the future using will or going to. Here are some ideas to help you:    travel                        read   
spend time with family
learn a language       exercise
            take painting classes
help in the community            rest
            get a pet         write                          take photos           

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