And an Ippie award goes to La Voz magazine!
 And an Ippie award goes to La Voz magazine!
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Another Award

Por Mariel Fiori
July 2015
The night of Thursday, June 11th was a good night for La Voz. In New York City, or more precisely, at the Center for Community and Ethnic Media (CCEM) of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, La Voz received an Ippie award, placing second in the Best Small Circulation Publication category. The small circulation (maximum of 30 thousand) refers to the number of magazines printed each time, and La Voz prints 5 thousand copies a month.

This was the 13th Annual Ippies Awards, which honors excellence in journalism from the community and ethnic media outlets from New York and beyond. This is the fifth time that La Voz won an Ippie award since we first participated in this unique competition (which, in 2015 received over 200 entries in 10 different categories). Originally awarded by the Independent Press Association of New York, the Ippies are now given annually by the CCEM since 2011. The Ippies are the only awards given to community and ethnic media outlets in New York City and beyond to recognize reporting in English and other languages across the mediums of print, video, photography and both print and online design.

Of course we are very happy with this distinction, and so are many of our collaborators, advertisers, readers, and many have expressed their support for this 11 year-old magazine. That is why I share with you here just a few of the comments that we have received and which inspire us to continue moving forward to inform the Spanish-speaking community with the only publication in Spanish focused on Dutchess, Ulster, Orange and Columbia counties in our beautiful Hudson Valley.

For example, Andrés Martínez de Velasco, a recent graduate of Bard College and collaborator of La Voz for the last three years, and who travelled to New York City to receive the award said: “Congratulations! It is thanks to your continuous hard work (even with a baby on the way), that La Voz is going down such a good path. I’m very proud of being able to be a part of La Voz and thankful to you for always giving me the opportunity of working with you.” Another long-time collaborator, Katharina Kempf, Bard graduate from 2007 and currently a Spanish teacher at BHSEC in Queens said, “Congratulations! Very well deserved. For Bard, you are number one.”

Jorge Castellanos, an avid reader of the magazine said to us: “Congratulations, thank you for putting the Hispanic community on high. It inspires me and helps me see accomplishments.” Other readers, as well as La Voz sponsors, such as Kingston resident Rigoberto Barahona and Hugo Jule, left comments that inspire us to keep on moving forward in spite of everything. Jule, from RUPCO, said, “It says small publication, but the work, the impact and the content is huge! Good Work!” Meanwhile, Barahona summed it up as follows: “Success doesn’t just come; it is cultivated step by step.”

The president of GET, Gateway to Entrepreneurial Tomorrow, Enrique Rob Lunksi, who was recognized as an inspirational leader by La Voz in our 10 year anniversary celebration last year, congratulated us and left us with a task: “Congrats! Time to jump to the next category!” We will take on this task gladly if you, our readers, collaborators, sponsors and benefactors, continue to support us and with your part, help us build a mountain of well-informed Spanish speakers who will prosper in this country, the country of opportunities, as you know.

So I invite you all to celebrate this award and to support La Voz on July 9th at 8 pm at our Cultural Celebration with Latin jazz where you will be able to enjoy the music of Leo Genovese and his ensemble, The Legal Aliens, while enjoying and being able to bet on and buy Latin American art of the Hudson Valley. Yes, admission to the concert is only $25 and can be bought online now at: or by calling the box office of the Fisher Center for Performing Arts of Bard College at (845) 758- 7900.

Additionally, the bids have begun for the art auction and you can see it at As you can see, there’s something for all tastes and budgets ―because each little bit matters.

I’ll see you on July 9th at the Spiegeltent!

Mariel Fiori

Managing Editor

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