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Merry Christmas!

Por Estela González Torres
December 2014
I'm sure that Christmas is one of your favorite times of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends and family.

Everywhere looks lovely because all the Christmas lights have been put up and it feels like there’s magic in the air!

Do you love lighting up the fire and getting into the Christmas spirit? Do you like wrapping up presents? Or would you rather unwrap them?

Make sure you hang up your stockings on the fireplace and leave milk and biscuits for Santa Claus before Christmas' Eve (December 24th)! When everyone is asleep, Santa comes down the chimney and leaves the presents.

Then, on Christmas Day everyone gets together to celebrate and sits down to eat. They normally play games and sing along to Christmas Carols. The worst thing about Christmas is taking down the tree! It is very sad as it means that the holidays are over!

PHRASAL VERBS are usually two-word phrases consisting of verb + adverb or verb + preposition. These particles change the meaning of the original verb.


To meet up with friends. /Quedar con amigos.
To put up the Christmas tree or Christmas decorations. /Colgar el árbol o poner los adornos navideños.
To light up the fire. / Encender el fuego.
To get into the Christmas spirit. / Emocionarse con la Navidad.
To wrap up presents. /  Envolver regalos.
To hang up your Christmas stocking.  / Colgar tu calcetín navideño.
To come down the chimney . / Bajar por la chimenea.
To sit down for dinner. / Sentarse a cenar.
To sing along with a song. / Cantar (con) una canción.
To take down the tree. / Quitar o recoger el árbol.


1. Find the opposites and match them:

• To put up - To unwrap
• To light up - To put out
• To wrap up - To go up
• To come down - To take down
• To hang up - To stand up
• To sit down - To take down

2. Complete the sentences with the right phrasal verb:
a. Let's ____________ the Christmas lights today!
b. Anna and Peter ____________ for lunch at the same restaurant every day.
c. "Mary, please ____________ and be quiet," the teacher said.
d. I'm very sad because we have to ____________ the Christmas tree

Answer Key: 1. To put up / To take down; To light up / To put out; To wrap up / To unwrap (it's not a phrasal verb); To come down / To go up; To hang up / To take down; To sit down / To stand up.
2. a. put up; b. meet up; c. sit down; d. take down.

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