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Suplemento educativo

How do you feel today? / ¿Cómo te sientes hoy?

Por Estela González Torres
March 2014

You can FEEL...                    fine [fain] (muy bien)

Puedes SENTIRTE...            well/good [güel/gud] (bien)

                                                bad [bad] (mal)

                                                awful [ófol] (terrible)

                                                tired [táierd] (cansado/a)

                                                dizzy [díssi] (mareado/a)

                                                *sick [sik] (enfermo/a)


If you feel SICK... / Si te sientes ENFERMO/A...

DOCTOR: Hello Mr. García, how do you feel today?

MR. GARCÍA: Good morning, doctor. I feel sick because my head hurts. I have a horrible headache.

D: What other symptoms do you have?

M.G.: I also feel very hot.

D: Let me take your temperature to check if you have a fever.

M.G.: What temperature do I have?

D: You have a 101.2 degree fever. Not too serious. I will prescribe you some medicine and you will get better in a few days.

M.G.: Okay, thank you, doctor.

            head                            [jed]                             cabeza

            throat                          [zrot]                           garganta

            stomach                      [stómak]                      estómago

            back                             [bák]                            espalda

MY       arm                             [arm]                           brazo                           HURTS

            hand                            [jend]                           mano

            leg                               [leg]                             pierna

            knee                            [ni]                               rodilla

            foot/feet                                  [fut]/[fit]                      pie/s



I HAVE A*       headache                    [jédeik]                        dolor de cabeza

                        stomachache              [stómakeik]                 dolor de estómago

                        backache                     [bákeik]                       dolor de espalda

                        muscle ache                [másuleik]                   dolor de músculos

                        sore throat                  [sor zrot]                     dolor de garganta


*¡No te olvides de la A (que significa uno/a)! En inglés, "tengo dolor de espalda" se dice I have A backache; o sea, sería como decir "tengo UN dolor de espalda".



I HAVE A         cough                          [cof]                             tos

                        runny nose                  [rani nous]                   moqueo

                        fever                            [fíver]                          fiebre

                        cold                             [cold]                           resfriado



Fill in the gaps [fil in de gaps] / Rellena los huecos:


RACHEL: Hi Pedro! How   _ _   you feel today? [Jai Pedro! Jau du yu fil tudai?]

PEDRO: Hey! I do not   _ _ _ _   very well. [Jei! I du not fil veri güel].

R: What's wrong? [guats gron?]

P: My stomach   _ _ _ _ _. [My stomak jarts].

R: Oh... I am sorry. I hate stomaches. You should get some rest. [Oh... Ai am sorri. Ai jeit stómakeiks. Yu shud get som rest].

P: Thank you, Rachel. See you tomorrow. [Zenkiu, Reichel. Si yu tumorrou]. 

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